I have published more than 90 peer-reviewed papers and five eBooks, of which eleven are based on my PhD research, one on discovery of ultrasonic singing katydids (d.u.s.k.), nine on miscellaneous topics in ecology, and the remaining on new species discovery and taxonomy. Full publication list available here.
Please email me at for a copy of any publication. 

Latest publications:

28 August 2019: Three new crickets of the poorly-known subfamilies Phaloriinae and Pteroplistinae from Brunei, one from Sandakan. [PDF]


23 August 2019: “This species name refers to the many spinules all around
the body” [PDF]


18 July 2019: “stridulum anatomy (e.g., tooth distributions, tooth length and tooth density) is distinct between species but less so between subspecies… songs of different taxa are different based on acoustic parameters (e.g., pulse duration, peak frequency) and descriptive patterns, even between the subspecies” [PDF]


Cover photographs: